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Who or what is a KrazyDad?

KrazyDad is me, Jim Bumgardner, one of the creative nerds at Walt Disney Imagineering. I'm a programmer / musician / composer / data-viz expert / author / artist / puzzle constructor / teacher with a passion for making software art and software toys.

This is my puzzle website, and (occasional) blog. My other websites are (home of the Wheel of Lunch), (visual music) Joy Of Processing (Processing tutorials), and (Wiki).

Have you written anything interesting?

How nice of you to ask! Yes, I have written a few books, papers, tutorials, etudes, and so on. You'll find most of 'em here.

How do I contact you?

Use this handy dandy email address.

Are you the same 'jbum' from Flickr?

Yes. I coauthored the book Flickr Hacks for O'Reilly with Paul Bausch. The book came out February, 2006. I founded the Flickr Hacks group on Flickr, and created the Flickr Colr Pickr, the Flickr Chia Pet, and other cool flickr toys.

Aren't you the guy that made the Whitney Music Box?

Yep. Also the Wheel of Lunch, a few thousand sudoku and kakuro puzzles, and tons of other software toys. I can also make spaghetti.

Are you the same 'jbum' who created The Palace visual chat system?

Yes. I conceived and was principle programmer of The Palace, as well as a co-founder of The Palace, Inc., a pioneer in online communities that drew more than one million users at its peak.

The Palace received numerous honors, including "Best of 1996" by Entertainment Weekly; a Webby Award nomination; "Cool Innovation of the Year" nominee; Chicago SUN-Times' Best Website: 1998; Top 100 Websites of 1998 and # 24 on the Forbes Magazine POV List.

There is more palace-related stuff on my old website:

Did I see one of your puzzles somewhere?

Perhaps. I wrote three puzzle books for Ulysses press in 2006, and have sold sudoku, kakuro and other puzzles to a few publications, including Games magazine. My puzzles have appeared in Mung Being, an excellent online magazine, and in lots of small regional and college newspapers, the Denver Daily News and San Francisco Daily Post. I've also self-published a number of puzzle books which you can find on Amazon. If you'd like to include a puzzle in your school paper, send me an XL t-shirt or a cool hat with the school logo and remember to include the copyright notice!

How do I follow your every move?

Well aren't you a little creepy? :)

Here's the RSS feed for my blog personal wiki facebook profile flickr stream (also in RSS twitter page (status updates at @Krazydad_Sudoku)
...and my resume.

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